· Where to start when I’m doing my makeup? ·

Where to start when I’m doing my makeup?

Hi Beauties … Assuming that you applied your skincare products already, you need to start by applying your primer. Why? There are many reasons:

  1. Your face primer is your step between your skincare regimen and your foundation.
  2. Creates a barrier between your skin and your foundation.
  3. Helps your skin to look smoother, transform the skin of an orange into the skin of an apple
  4. Evens out skin tone
  5. Helps your makeup to stay longer. Longevity is a well appreciated attribute, when we are talking about makeup.
  6. Prevents from mature aging

Let me recommend you my favorite face primer:

Motives® Perfecting Face Primer

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This satin-finish face primer feels like silk on your face, it has an incredible texture and it’s paraben and oil free


There is another amazing product in the category of a primer. It’s called


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I love this product as it disguises my fine lines. This product can be used before your makeup (after your Motives® Perfecting Face Primer) and/or at the end of your entire look. It fills in lines, creating a smooth surface for makeup application. It also contains Antioxidant ingredients promoting healthy skin.





How to apply these 2 products?

After your skincare regimen, apply Motives® Perfecting Face Primer all over your face. Only a small amount of products is needed. After applying Motives® Perfecting Face Primer, apply Motives® INVISI-LINE, only in the areas where you want to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Apply against the directions of your lines. You can also apply it after your makeup is done.

Should I use my hands to apply them?

I recommend you to use a brush with high-end synthetic bristles that won’t swell with age and ensure primer/foundation blends without streaking. It’ll give you an even finish and it will prevent you from wasting products in the case of applying it with a sponge. My favorite Foundation Brush is

Motives® Foundation Brush

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All the products are available at http://beautifulandwealthy.com/makeup-skincare/

Alternatively, use the links next to each recommended product