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Motives Brand Overview, Product Knowledge & Marketing


This class will help differentiate our brand, identify the need for our solutions- based products and discuss prospecting and booking one-on-one consultations.

The instructor will also perform a demonstration of basic makeup application, walk everyone through how to conduct a Beauty Basics event, educate on closing the sale and tie together the natural progression of prospecting / retailing / creating relationships / sponsoring and building a team.

We will wrap up by reviewing sales aids and support systems and discuss next steps in training curriculum!



MA Skin & Personal Care Product Knowledge & Marketing



This class will provide an overview of the industry and identify demand as well as discuss the importance of understanding skin types and conditions. All of our skincare lines will be discussed, focusing on main selling points.

A client consultation will be conducted and we will walk through the skincare charts to review all additional products and what makes them unique. We will then demonstrate an “All about Skin” clinic. In addition, we will tie in the importance of the Shopping Annuity and how to convert your spending into earning by using all of our personal care product lines. Lastly, we will discuss the importance of follow-up and an action plan to achieve your retail profit goals!