· About Me ·

As a Latin American woman, Blanca has always been interested in beauty and looking well. She loves colours and having a sexy style. She started wearing makeup when she was a young teenager, in spite of her mother asking her not to as she didn’t want Blanca to become a woman earlier than she should. Through practice, Blanca perfected her makeup skills and discovered her unique style.
Blanca had never considered becoming a professional in the beauty industry; she just wanted to look beautiful. Her friends were constantly asking for her help with their looks and Blanca was always happy to assist them.
Years later, Blanca discovered one of her other passions: health. She started to read and learn about natural health, especially about human emotions. Back in 2009, Blanca studied The Bach Flower Remedies programs and became a certified Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner. This is a system of 38 plant and flower based essences that helps manage the emotional demands of everyday life. Each of the 38 essences aids a specific emotion and personal combinations can be tailored to everybody’s individual needs.
Blanca became very involved in helping people and often pondered on her interests in the two fields, Beauty and Natural therapies. When she realised the true meaning of beauty, Blanca became a Certified Beauty Advisor and trainer.
Blanca had come to learn that beauty is about health, emotions, soul and appearance; it is feeling good from the inside out. When your body is healthy, your emotions are balanced and your soul is full of happiness then you can create the best look. You can express how you feel through make up, just like an artist; their emotions and feelings are expressed on canvas.
Blanca also has her own definition of wealth. Wealth is the ability to generate as much money as you need to live well, to age well and to help others who are in need. To be wealthy is much more than being a millionaire. When you can buy the house of your dreams and live comfortably, when you can travel to those dreamed places you want to visit, when you have time to spend with your family and friends, when you are prepared to age happily, when you can help others achieve their dreams, you can consider yourself wealthy.
Blanca combined her passions and founded Beautiful and Wealthy.
At Beautiful and Wealthy, they will enable you to look and feel well and best of all, how to fulfil your dreams!