· 3 Significant Beauty tips every woman should know ·

3 Significant Beauty tips every woman should know


1.  Beauty comes from the inside:

Skin is the largest organ of the body and it protects the body from the environment. Our skin reflects how healthy or unhealthy we are. Start today to take care of your body. There some important steps to follow to improve your health and one of them is Supplement’s intake. I used to think that I could find all the vitamins and minerals my body needs in my healthy food. By reading and searching and found that nowadays food contains too many preservatives and less nutrition content.

I will recommend you my favorite product: ISOTONIX OPC3 (http://beautifulandwealthy.com/health-nutrition/ ), this is the most powerful antioxidant I’ve ever tried. It’s helped me with my eye puffiness as it helps maintain healthy circulation, with my allergies, my hyper pigmentation and more. So now, I have a more radiant skin. This is the perfect product to start to promote your Beauty from the inside out.


2.  Beauty on the outside:

There are 5 main steps to your ideal skin care regimen:

  1. Cleanse: Cleans the skin of surface impurities, dirt and debris
  2. Tone: Finishes the cleansing process, balances pH, tones, refreshes and prepares the skin for the next treatment product
  3. Treat: Addresses special conditions of the skin. Includes Masque and Exfoliate
  4. Moisturize: Delivers hydration to the skin and offers protection
  5. Eye cream: Moisturizes and treats the delicate eye area

There is a previous and really important step and it’s to choose the right products. My favorite skin care products are Lumière de Vie® (http://beautifulandwealthy.com/makeup-skincare/ ). These products have helped me to recover a healthy glow and clarity on my face, I love their texture and I truly recommend this brand to anyone as it’s designed for all skin types.


3.  Highlight your Beauty:

Learn how to choose the right products and colors according to your needs for your makeup. Learn how to apply your own makeup as a pro, learn different techniques for different looks and the key of a great look is PRACTISE, PRACTISE and PRACTISE. My favorite cosmetics line is Motives Cosmetics (http://beautifulandwealthy.com/makeup-skincare/ ). Motives is such a professional but affordable range that covers all women’s needs.